Talent Cloud

At District29 we know how difficult it is to cope with changing customer demands. We help you to plan your workforce flexibly. Our tools support you throughout the talent sourcing cycle. We call it Talent Cloud Planning.

Customised Work Solutions

We believe that work needs to be sculpted around talent, not the other way around. We have processes in place to shape the work context your people need.

Reward & Recognition

District29 brings R&R to pay and remuneration. We think we should focus on reward and recognition. And it’s not about money. It’s about how you deliver the message. Attention is the new currency, money comes later. And if it’s about

Context Architects

If you have the right context in place, you get the right experience. Our context architects help you to shape your work context to get the results you need.

Purpose Management

Get your leadership up to the next level. Our Purpose Management Systems help you to boost your leadership and get things done.

People Masters

Maybe you call yourself HR. We call you a people master. Let us help you to have the impact the people in your organization need. Join the People Master Network. Get into shape. District 29 can help you.

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Enter the District

This is what I needed.

This is the first time an HR services company is not HR. These are business people delivering people solutions. I can recommend them without any doubt.

Wesley Sinck CEO of Bikeline.com

District 29 is the future

What a great experience. District29 helped me to reshape how our organization gets the work done. District29 came in, saw and conquered. Today I can schedule, hire and allocate talent in a very flexible way.

Gordon James VP HR of Snowflake Ltd, United Kingdom.